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.: OpenXDK :.: Added May 9th|2005 :.
I am an active contributing member of the OpenXDK Project (link). Below are links to applications written by myself utilizing the OpenXDK, as well as numerous games/libraries ported to the OpenXDK. Note that SDL_Image and SDL_ttf are now a part of the official OpenXDK source tree, however I will still attempt to keep them maintained here as a mirror.

.: Applications :.: Changed Feb 28th|11.52pm :.
OpenDash v1.0Quick demo opensource dashboard for the OpenXDK. A couple things are missing but it's mostly functional. OpenDash v1.0 Source Code is also available.

.: Library Samples :.: Changed Feb 28th|11.52pm :.
SDL_Image TestTest code for the SDL_image port to the OpenXDK.
SDL_ttf TestTest code for the SDL_ttf port to the OpenXDK.
Mesa testTest code for the libMesa OpenGL port to the OpenXDK.

.: Libraries Ported :.: Changed Feb 28th|11.52pm :.
SDL_Image 1.2.3OpenXDK port of the useful SDL_Image library. Requires libpng, zlib, and libjpeg ports (below).
libpngOpenXDK port of libpng. Required by SDL_Image. Requires zlib(below).
libjpegOpenXDK port of libjpeg. Required by SDL_Image.
zlibOpenXDK port of zlib. Required by libpng.
SDL_ttfOpenXDK port of SDL_ttf. Allows for truetype font rendering to SDL_Surfaces. Requires libfreetype2 port (below)
libfreetype2OpenXDK port of freetype2. Required by SDL_ttf.
libmesaOpenXDK port of libMesa, an software openGL renderer. Too slow to do anything real right now
libxmlOpenXDK port of libXML.