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.: Plug for my band's new website :.: August 30th 2006 | 3.03pm :.
I've been recording a CD with the band I play in for about the last week or so. We just set up our MySpace page, so if you're interested go check it out. We have a song on there as well. I play bass in the band and I'm also the recording engineer. Once the CD's done and released I'll be back at working on OpenXDK projects!

.: Wolf3D OpenXDK Port Released! :.: July 20th 2006 | 10.29pm :.
After some newfound interested in the OpenXDK, a workaround was found for input handling so input now works 100% (!!), so I guess it's time to release some ports :). I bring you a completely legal port of Wolf3D, the classic id FPS. It comes all ready to play with the shareware data files - unfortunately I don't think the registered datafiles or expansion packs will work at this time. If there is interest in getting this to work let me know and I'll see what I can do. Anyways, binary release - just unpack and copy to your xbox, data directory intact. Source release - have fun, requires OpenXDK from CVS or better.

  • Savegames get reported as corrupted.. but they load fine.
  • Sound doesn't work
  • Strafing over an item does not pick it up
  • triggers to fire
  • A to open doors
  • X to strafe, B to run
  • Start/Back are Enter/Escape

If anyone really can't handle that keymapping let me know and I can change it.

Binary Release
Source Release

.: OpenDash is still alive :.: Jun 10th 2006 | 11.35am :.
Just thought I'd post a little update: OpenDash is still aliv e! Currently we're re-engineering the code base to better support the future. Stay tuned.

.: New Web Backend :.: Fri Mar 10th | 2.23pm :.
I had some time and wanted to fix some issues with my old perl backend, so last week I rewrote it - today I rewrote my submission interface. The other TODO in this vein is a RSS feed output from my blog so I can be aggregated - why not, right? Anyways, uhm.. what's new. I was a part of the 2006 CSGames at College ETS in Montreal last weekend. Aside from getting way too drunk on Friday night and missing mostly all of Saturday, it was a great time. Along with my teammate Neil we placed 1st out of 31 teams in application debugging! Other highlights: our flashout, starwars kid, and so much more.

.: Ongoing input issues :.: Feb 12th 2006 | 10.30pm :.
It's really too bad, but I still have issues with openxdk and input handling. I just can't get it to work 100%. Scarily, the only option may be to start some portions from scratch, but that's okay since I definitely have adopted the "Blob" antipattern with Environment. Anyone who can build opendash please do so and try the input handling on their xbox and PM me on xbox-scene.

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